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The New Year Began With Orders

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The New Year has come, in the fierce mar...


The New Year has come, in the fierce market competition environment, we still face a lot of challenges.We are willing to make persistent efforts to move forward and create brilliant future.


The New Year began with good news.LEONESSA Bearing (Yancheng) Co., Ltd. has signed an annual cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd., which is the No. 1 domestic aerial working platform brand.

LEONESS products the single roll ball slewing bearings can bear larger radial, axial load and overturning moment and wind resistance ability, meanwhile the compact structure, smooth operation can ensure the safety of the operation personnel. The slewing bearings which produced by LEONESSA Yancheng has been widely used domestic and abroad in the maximum height from 20 to 30 meters aerial work platform. Main customers of aerial working platform of LEONESSA Yancheng: TEREX,  LGMG, Manitou, etc.

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