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Slewing Bearing Solutions x Special Trailer

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LEONESSA Bearing (Yancheng) Co.,Ltd was ...

LEONESSA Bearing (Yancheng) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011 with La Leonessa S.p.A as the majority shareholder. La Leonessa is specialized in manufacturing slewing bearings for 50 years with great reputation in the industry. We are committed to providing tailored high quality products and services to our customers.


Slewing bearings, also called “joint of machine” and widely used in industry. It is an important transmission component for the machine that needs to make relative rotary motion between two objects which bear axial force, radial force and tilting moment at the same time. With the rapid development of machinery industry, slewing support has been widely used in marine equipment, construction machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries.


LEONESSA Slewing Bearings is widely used in the special trailer industry. The application characteristics of the slewing bearings which used in special trailer are light dead load, large axial bearing capacity, flexible steering, and able to withstand the corresponding radial force and overturning moment during braking and steering.

For these characteristics, LEONESSA Yancheng customized single ball series and flange series of slewing bearings, to provide different solutions for many customers. At present, we provide long-term technical support, product supporting, pre-sale and after-sales service for important customers domestic and abroad such as Sanjiang, Huayun, Xin-Dafang NDF, Tianye Tonglian and HighwayTrailer.

To know more about LEONESSA Yancheng, please follow us on WeChat: LeonessaChina 

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