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Quality is the life of LEONESSA company

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LEONESSA Bearing (Yancheng) Co.,Ltd was ...

LEONESSA Bearing (Yancheng) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011 with La Leonessa S.p.A as the majority shareholder. La Leonessa is specialized in manufacturing slewing bearings for 50 years with great reputation in the industry. We are committed to providing tailored high quality products and services to our customers.

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China factory production follow the same standard as Italian factory to ensure the consistent quality and performance.

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Quality is the life of a company. The quality policy of LEONESSA Yancheng is  "Quality utmost, customer oriented. All-staff participation, continuous improvement".

In 2013, it successfully passed the quality system certification of DNV-GL, an internationally renowned institution.

In 2016, it successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 revision system certification.

In 2017, it passed the product certification of ABS and DNV-GL in the United States.

In 2019, it successfully passed the SIO9001:2015 certificate replacement system audit.

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LEONESSA knows that the best quality certificate comes from customers' recognition. Choose LEONESSA bearings, we are committed to providing the excellent quality products and service to you!

To know more about LEONESSA Yancheng, please follow us on WeChat: LeonessaChina 

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