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Process Inspection - Turning

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Turning processing is used to made the r...

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Turning processing is used to made the raceway of ball or roller through high-precision CNC lathe. The sealing groove shall be finshed in one-time processing.

The special raceway contour design can ensure the contact Angle between the ball and the raceway in the process of operation. The control of the program is strictly in accordance with the "CNC Lathe Management Program".

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In the process of turning, we will carry out real-time detection on some key data, and the calipers from 150mm to 2000mm are all prepared.

Staff self-inspection and process inspection in the production process are strictly regulated.

For example, for raceway inner diameter, we require detection of at least three points, recording the minimum and maximum values; When measuring the distance from the center of the raceway to the side, use special calipers, etc.

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