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Process Inspection - Machining Center

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The machining center of LEONESSA Bearing...

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The machining center of LEONESSA Bearings adopts excellent processing equipment. The machining center comes with 32 replaceable tool heads and side milling head, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. The tool precision is excellent; the equipment has the internal cooling device, at the same time with the hard rail body, as well as the high rigidity and high precision spindle, which could achieve the customer's high-customized requirements.

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Machining center equipped with high-precision tool setting instrument, to ensure that the height of the tool installation is the same size. Our goal is to pre-control the defects from the equipment.

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Atago refractometer is used to control the concentration of cutting fluid in machining center regularly which effectively prevent product rust, reduce tool wear and improve the quality of metal processing.

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We have equipped the processing center with special digital calipers, depth calipers, strictly control the distribution circle, position, aperture, hole depth, etc., so we could control the product size efficiently and accuratly.

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The threaded hole should tested by P/NP Gauge, which could effectively control the precision requirement of threaded hole in mass production.

LEONESSA Yancheng provide the good quality products and service to customer with professional and rigorous attitudes.

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