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Process Inspection - Tooth Heat Treatment

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Tooth heat treatment is an important pro...

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Tooth heat treatment is an important process in the production of slewing bearings. The application of some products requires high hardness of tooth surface. The bearing tooth surface could be hardened by high frequency induction hardening, which effectively increases the strength and service life of the product. We can carry out single tooth quenching or integral quenching according to module and product design requirements.

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In the initial processing of the product, the first piece can be verified by the body cutting method and the effective quenching depth inside the product can be detected with Vickers hardness tester, so that the internal heat treatment status of the product can be intuitively and accurately understood and the heat treatment process can be determined accordingly.

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In mass-produce, the use of German quenching depth detector, in the case of non-body damage, can effectively detect the effective quenching depth of the product. Short-time detection, convenient and fast, is the crucial weapon of heat treatment control process.

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LEONESSA bearings has high-precision lengthened Leicester hardness tester, which can be adjusted and tested in multiple directions up and down, and can effectively detect the hardness of non-plane positions such as grooves and cambered surfaces!

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With transverse and longitudinal integrated magnetic fluorescence flaw detector, which could test the micro cracks on product surface with no dead angle.

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Portable magnetic particle flaw detector can detect the small bearing or the part of bearing at anytime and anywhere. We will not let the bearings with potential cracks leave our factory.

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All the testing personnel have passed the national nondestructive grade examination and got the certification. Whichensure that the measurement ability of the testing personnel meets the international requirements.

Strict control of details in the production process, strict inspection of the finished products could create a stable and excellent product performance of LEONESSA Yancheng Slew Bearing Co., Ltd.

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