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Process Inspection - Raceway Grinding

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Raceway grinding is an important process...

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Raceway grinding is an important process before assembly. Through fine grinding of the raceway removed the oxidation layer and small deformation after heat treatment in the raceway, which ensure the uniformity and stability of clearance of finished products.

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Bearing raceways on the market seem to be the same, but the actual difference is great. First of all, it is shown in the monitoring of the clearance of bearings.

The full check of raceway diameter and raceway deformation, not only improve assembly efficiency, but also effectively control of axial and radial clearance to meet customer requirements.

Secondly, LEONESSA Yancheng has strict control over the roughness of the raceway. Before each product is processed, the machine tool uses a high-precision diamond wheel to shape the grinding wheel, and then the raceway grinding shall carried out. After finishing grinding, the raceway roughness under Ra0.8um to reduce the friction between rolling element and bearing raceway.

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Finally, LEONESSA Yancheng check the raceway contact Angle strictly.

A good bearing raceway must ensure the contact Angle between the steel ball and the raceway. We use MAHR's profilometer, which can accurately measure the contact point of the steel ball in the raceway. Therefore, we could meet the design requirements of customers with high quality products.

Through the strict control of clearance, raceway roughness and raceway contact Angle, the stability and service life of the bearing products are ensured.

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